FLASHBACK: Were you there?

Were you there?

Every Wednesday we give readers the opportunity to determine for yourselves how much you know about the country we all call home. Keeping in mind that those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it, mistakes as well as serendipitous discoveries, (when will someone accidentally discover oil beneath our seabed? Ah, but already we’ve done that, haven’t we?), we anticipate much reaction from readers at home and abroad. Be advised that Flashback will feature not only a variety of unusual photographs of individuals we all should know, but also useful reminders of events uplifting and otherwise. We will also present required reading from the past. But lest you imagine all of this effort is for free, think again. In return, we would like you not only to identify the pictures but also to add your own related remembrances. What you know of the pictured individuals (do your best to keep it clean and inspiring, for a change), what he or she is doing today, has he or she passed on . . . that kind of thing. Regarding incidents recalled, tell us where you were when they occurred, what were your thoughts then and today. And now, does this photograph ring a bell? We’ll feature a new picture or episode each Wednesday with our own associated remembrances. To comment on this picture check us out at stluciastar.com or find us on facebook: stluciastar –Editor

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