Petroleum prices have been adjusted effective Monday, October 20 2014, to reflect changes in import prices of fuel products from July to October 2014.

While there have been slight decreases in the price of diesel, kerosene, 100lb LPG Cylinder and bulk LPG, the price of gasoline and the 20lb LPG and the 22lb LPG cylinders remain unchanged. The following is a schedule of the retail price of fuel products: Petroleum Products Old Retail Prices New Retail Prices
Gasoline $3.49 per litre or
$15.85 per gallon $3.49 per litre or
$15.85 per gallon
Diesel $3.34 per litre or
$15.18 per gallon $3.33 per litre or
$15.14 per gallon
Kerosene $2.57 per litre or
$11.68 per gallon $2.52 per litre or
$11.44 per gallon
100 Pound Cylinder LPG $260.58 per 100 pound cylinder $255.94 per 100 pound cylinder
20 Pound Cylinder LPG $36.93 per 20 pound cylinder $36.93 per 20 pound cylinder
22 Pound Cylinder LPG $41.00 per 22 pound cylinder $41.00 per 22 pound cylinder
Bulk LPG
$5.57 per kilogram $5.47 per kilogram

Even with this price adjustment, the revenue collected on fuel is below the projected intake as announced in the 2014/2015 budget. However, the Cabinet of Ministers has agreed to forgo the targets so as to ensure that the public can benefit from current reductions in the landed price of some petroleum products.

The next price adjustment will be due on Monday, January 12, 2015.

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