Here’s Why I Will Not Be Voting in the Next Elections!

I am a (once proud) daughter of Saint Lucia. I am 29 years old, and I want my voice to be heard. What I want to say right away is that I will not be voting in this upcoming election and will do my utmost to convince my friends and relatives to follow my example. For those who will say I have the right to vote and should use that right, understand this: I have voted at every election since I reached voting age. I was full of hope that something good would come of it. Nothing has. I now feel that by voting I am helping the enemies of democracy to hurt me more; to hurt my family, to hurt my friends.

Besides, as a free Saint Lucian woman, I also have the right not to vote. And here are some of the reasons this time around that I will not vote.

First of all, I will feel better knowing I took a stand against the politicians who always forget about their promises to the people the minute they are elected. I will feel better for having protested such disgusting behaviour.

Nikita Cherebin: She has sworn not to vote again until she can feel sure she’s not voting against her own interests. What’s more, she says she’ll try to persuade her friends to follow her lead!

Nikita Cherebin: She has sworn not to vote again until she can feel sure she’s not voting against her own interests. What’s more, she says she’ll try to persuade her friends to follow her lead!

I feel now that I spat on my constitutional rights every time I voted in the past for people who did not deserve my vote. I feel I made a fool of myself when I imagined things would be better. I know now that all politicians know is how to make false promises.

When I look at my country I see so many things going wrong, getting worse year after year, regardless of which party is in office; regardless who is prime minister. I love my country and it hurts me to see our people being abused over and over; taken for granted; taken for fools.

I’ve finally decided to do something, beginning with this article. For a long time I have had questions. Now I want answers: Why do we, the people, have to wait hours, sometimes as long as ten hours, to see a doctor at Victoria Hospital?

Why is everything in the supermarket becoming more and more expensive? Why do so many people have to depend on STEP, or on STEP salaries, no matter where they are employed?

How does the government expect unemployed single parents to feed and send their children to school; to keep them healthy?

Why does the price of schoolbooks have to be higher every other year? What are school leavers supposed to say when business owners tell them they need experience to get a job?

How can you have job experience when you’ve never had a job? When no employer has given you the opportunity to show what you can do?

Earlier I spoke about my constitutional rights. But it seems we must fight the authorities for our rights. People have to take whatever abuses are dished out to them and keep their mouths shut, all because most of us are too poor to do anything about it. If you raise your voice to an abusive police officer he will either beat you up—or shoot you. Or he will lock you up at the famous custody suites or in a nasty police cell for hours. He doesn’t care about your young child at home without its mother or father.

Why is Bordelais so over-crowded? Most of the people there are on remand. Our justice system has gone crazy. Females get raped here every day, no matter what else you might hear. No female, regardless of age, is safe. Why are so many rape cases never solved? Why are so many people on remand without a trial date?

If I should ever get raped, I can tell you right now, I would not report it to the police. But that does not mean I would sit at home feeling sorry for myself. If the law refuses to protect women, if the authorities refuse to see justice done after a woman has been raped, then I will do whatever I need to do for myself.

One way or another, I would take my own revenge. If I cannot get the animal that raped me, then I will get someone he cares about. If I am forced to live in a jungle, then I will survive by the law of the jungle. One way or another, I would have my revenge on anyone who rapes or tries to rape me. Same thing, if he rapes or tries to rape my kid.

It doesn’t make sense putting your trust in the law when you already know there is no law. Neither does it make sense trusting politicians you know cannot be trusted. I have come to believe now in my own eye for an eye justice system!

I ask myself: Who’s in charge of the justice system, anyway? The justice system did not break itself. It was broken by the people we pay to keep it operating. It was broken by years of neglect. Our law-makers are our worst law breakers.

Why do so many young Saint Lucians have to run away from home to some foreign country in the hope of finding a better life? I have friends who left Saint Lucia at age twenty to exist as illegals in the U.S. or in the UK. Most of them make a living in ways they would never consider at home; but they earn enough to eat; and they can clothe themselves. They can send a few dollars home to the kids they left behind with unemployed grandparents and aunties.

Many want to return home one day. They love the land that gave them birth. But the land that gave them birth now offers them only death. No work; no money; no rights; no healthcare, not even when you pay for it. No justice.

I know some people are lazy. Some refuse to work even when there is work in Saint Lucia. But far more people want to work and cannot find employment. All they get are more empty promises. Especially as election time comes closer. What about those of us who want to do something about learning a useful occupation? What help do we get from our government?

I will not vote again until I am convinced the candidates really care about the leaders of tomorrow, and about our poor parents who want to work but must pay a high price for the privilege of getting a job. Too often it is the very politician they voted for who is first in line for his pound of flesh. This is disgusting; it is another gross violation of human rights.

I will never vote again. Not until I can see we, the people of this country, are actually enjoying the rights given us by our constitution. I will not vote again until I see elderly, poor people treated with respect by our government. I will not vote again until I see young people who worked hard in school given the opportunity to choose the work they want to do. Most of us don’t want to work on cruise ships while our kids stay at home. My friends on the STEP programme actually hate the STEP programme. It’s like begging in the street for a couple of dollars when you are capable of doing a regular job.

Why can’t all these smart people in the government do more to help parents get school books? Don’t ask me how. A good government would not ask the poor and deprived and helpless to solve their own problems. We elect politicians to make it possible for us to help ourselves. Some of them even blame the rape victims for allowing themselves to be raped!

My final question, for now – and those of you who will be voting regardless, please answer my question – Why are you voting? In other parts of the world people can tell you why they vote. They can also tell you what they will do when politicians steal from the people and keep everything for themselves and their friends. Voters in America, Canada and the UK can talk like that; they can tell you what they will do when politicians fool the people or steal from them. You know why? It’s because they have all the things we don’t have. Beginning with a modern constitution and a functioning justice system!

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19 Responses to Here’s Why I Will Not Be Voting in the Next Elections!

  1. Nessa C-lORDE says:

    i am really concerned about the upcoming generation….. No good example is being set by majority in authority.

  2. Allykhat says:

    Nikita, I see your point but sadly, withholding your vote will not solve the issues. By not voting, you will no longer have the right to complain or share your thoughts on how St. Lucia is being run. You cannot hold any politician accountable if you did not help give them that power. You gave that up when you decided not to vote. You want change, go out there and help change the culture instead of being a bystander …your choice.

  3. Bubbles says:

    I agree with Nikita to a great extent because I feel the same way as her right now. I don’t even know where to cast my vote, the politicians come every five years with the same promises that they well know they cannot keep. but for me, I believe in my God and hence I place my trust in him not in man to lead me and to take care of me and family . St Lucians need to put their trust in God rather than man.They will fail you but God will never.

  4. Queen says:

    I shsre the same as her am not voting to be honest my minister in slp works hard in my community but his party full of shit kenny just getting fat on the country money whiles i wondering where my next plate comes from.

  5. Mohammed Sacirby says:

    When we attained adult sufferage in 1951 we acquired the individual right to vote. With that individual right to vote we also acquired the individual right NOT-TO-VOTE. Rick Wayne, its your prerogative. You just want attention.

  6. Jackie Cherebin-Weekes says:

    Well said Nikita. You spoke from your heart and what you have experienced and also what you have seen those around you experience. The politicians on both sides need to listen to the youth and realize that they have a voice and they also have the power to put them into office or keep them out , How many of them have had town hall meetings with the youth or gone and sat on the block with them and heard their aspirations or their concerns? This is just one voice and I need to applaud her for being vocal in a climate where many are not brave enough to do this for fear of being victimized and ostracized by whichever party gets into power next elections. The truth shall set you free! All those who are telling her she the right thing to do is to vote can you tell her if she feels this way about all politicians, who should she vote for ?

  7. khalyle Arrindell says:

    Why are persons calling her immature for not voting? She just expressed the countless reasons why she is choosing not to do so. I agree it is indeed passively accepting the things that are happening in the country but if you do decide to vote all you would be doing is choosing the lesser of the two evils and at this point both parties fall in the same bracket. Both have sat at the head and have failed miserably. St lucians have to change their own mindsets and stop seeing red and yellow. If everyone was to boycott voting they would have no one to fool with their rubbish. But then again we have idiotic party hacks and ignorant voters who don’t care what the politicians do but will support them nonetheless. I say the youth who seem to have a better grasp of what democracy is about take to the streets and protest. Use avenues like what this young lady is doing and tell the politicians what they really feel. It’s like we are fighting in the civil war, if no one takes up the mantle then we will all be silenced.

  8. Love this article I try to speak out a few years ago but all I got was criticized and victimized like I was saying something wrong big up yourself nikita,

  9. wanny says:

    I agree with all what Nikita have to say.Why waste ur time and vote for nothing.St.Lucians are been fooled every election health care is a mess. It took me 12hours to see a doctor with my one year old son who had a high fever 102.If my vote would make a difference I would b more than happy to vote.But both parties has no reliability on their words to the people of this country. Well said Nikita bravo!!

  10. Glory Pierre says:

    Like it or not many people share these sentiments.Y is it so hard to respect the opinion of others.

  11. elevation says:

    I will not be voting for my own reasons. Plus this brainwash nonsense about no vote no say. Smh the vote doesn’t determine the pollicies set by a government. Plus majority of the voters are not voting on the issues and solutions they are voting with the majority. you see them at the political rallies railing up for rum and chicken for a coloured T-shirt. Not me. I am sick of them. The voting system needs to change and by voting I am lending support to a broken wheel. You ever drove on a flat tire? Its like every sec you hope you will reach your destination and nothing else will go wrong but the truth is the more you drive on it the worst it gets and thats not the worst part instead of pulling of the road you contine to drive while slowing down every one else .Party is something we do to feel good to relieve stress. And the politisions are the ones parting not us. Many of our grass root concerns are not met. Banks continue to sell us debt, no suggestion comes out the chosen few, gas went down yet food going up. Rediculas state charges like an expired national Id charge really smh I can go on and on.
    A festival that continues to treat foreigners better than its people. A media show but in fact real charlatanism. My eyes are wide open. Keep your talk for the sheep in the pasture I’m one goat who won’t accept that bullshit.

    What ever you do this election do it because you care not for a free pass to ignorant conversation.

  12. Merl says:

    Wooo you have a good point. there is a saying who feels it knows it. When you out here defending them politicians they eating an getting fat the poor will aways be poor and the rich will always be rich.

  13. Jah son says:

    I must say this is one of the most outstanding an meaning full comment,remark,article I’ve ever seen since then, pertaining to politics.i will keep the only right that I have, an I will keep it for my god, an not a man just like me, cause only god can judge an save has become a total mess.. ? lol, I also must say this man who commented first Mr. Jillian Williams,keep out of what that doesn’t concern u, father more reality is burning ur wicked heart… Give thanks sister for this remarks once again, an as Bob Marley says who the cap fits let them wear it, my vote is 6.6 billion us dollars an 6 cents…

  14. alarna says:

    Urll quick to say ppl uneducated ah. She has a right not to vote if she wants to. Thats her opinion. If thats what she sees then thats what she feels. Urll too quick. Am not voting either

  15. Mars says:

    So for all of you who won’t vote… Elections will still take place and guess what the country will still be governed by someone other than yourselves….. Guess what? You are back in the same position either way….. So sit back and just keep quiet then…. Cause that’s what you’re doing by not voting.

  16. C says:

    Not voting is acceptance!!! I don’t see the protest. At the end of the day a government Will ran the country. We can protest against a particular government But the country Will be governed. So pick the better of the Two evils and vote. We have that privilege don’t let the fight to end adult suffrage be of no use.

  17. Judy says:

    I have never voted and will not either for the very reasons you just described. These recycled politicians need to be held accountable and our people need to stand up and vote for persons who are passionate about the development of our country and not their pockets. I dream one day of a thriving Helen who doesn’t have to depend on international handouts but cañ be self sufficient, and creating citizens who are likewise. I stand with you sister. This St.Lucian woman here will not be bought with empty promises. I WILL NOT VOTE!

    • Able Bell says:

      I don’t know why you people would disagree with Nikita, have you people not been living in Saint Lucia for the past 20 years ? do you know that is the definition of madness, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome doesn’t matter if you vote for a red rat or a yellow rat at the end of the day they are both rats…

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