Husband and wife face drug charges!

Police raid on the compound on March 17.

45-year-old Julian Adjodha alias Jag and his wife 41-year-old Moeita have been charged with Possession of Controlled Drugs and Possession with Intent to Supply. Julian Adjodha is also charged separately with Importing Controlled Drugs.

The Adjodha’s were charged on Thursday April 7 in connection with the 93.9lbs of cannabis found on March 17 on the couple’s business compound at Beausejour in Gros Islet.  The drugs were found hidden in sealed metal barrels containing dishwashing liquid and are valued at EC$75,200.  The couple made their first appearance in court on Friday April 8 before a magistrate.

It has taken three weeks for the police to prefer a charge in this matter.  There has been much public debate over why the couple was not charged immediately.  Police sources say although the drugs were found on the compound, the manner in which the drugs were discovered, that is in sealed barrels stored in shipping containers received from overseas, the police had to establish the proprietors had knowledge of the contents of the barrels before they could be formally charged.

As we go to press the STAR has learned the Adjodha’s have secured two Jamaican Queen’s Counsel’s to represent them.

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