In Saturday’s Star!


What did Damian Greaves say to Star Reporter that so angered some of his fellow Saint Lucia Labour Party members ?

Read all about it in this weekend’s STAR!!!


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2 Responses to In Saturday’s Star!

  1. Bolom says:

    Look up the name “Damian Short Pants” and I am sure you will discover the missing link of the human species. How this guy was ever put in charge of the Ministry of Health is a mystery to me. I can see him being a great Minister of the Bush Doctors. There his ancient ways fit perfectly. If you have a head ache bathe in the mouth of the river and drink salted sweet water while floating upside down. Why were his pants so short? Because of the “shortageness”, I had to invent a new word to explain.

  2. denikson brryan says:

    I notice since slp in power both parties only setting up their parties and notsetting up the country too bad

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