Kids come alive at Charity Beach Bash

Volunteers, sponsors, and kids after a long day of activities at Beach Bash.

Volunteers, sponsors, and kids after a long day of activities at Beach Bash.

It was a throwback to the good old childhood days of fun sports, food, and friends, as the youngsters of the Holy Family Children’s Home in Ciceron were treated to a Beach Bash last Sunday at Cas En Bas.

The organization caters to children who have been orphaned, abused, abandoned or neglected by their family. They aim to procure a safe and secure family unit for the kids while providing them with stable environment in the interim.

Several volunteers gave freely of their time to coordinate a host of engaging activities for those in attendance. Staff from a Northern based spa, who wish to remain anonymous, took photos and assisted with the set up of several events. They believe the focus should be solely on the kids and were just happen to play a small part in the joyous occasion.

“The message is if everybody holds hands together we can create a better world. Children are our next generation. By giving them love and support they needed we can create a better and beautiful world. Remember life is beautiful when we share.”

Many were impressed by the dexterity and flexibility of the young ones as they practiced moves learnt during a martial arts demonstration held by the members of Capoeira758, Arte Morderna, led by Graduado Urso, Danny Augustin. The kids took turn mimicking the capoeristas as they showed them the basics of the Brazilian art form.

“They told me about four days before that they were actually going to do it. They just asked if we could help out so we cancelled our Sunday class and went down there. There were loads of kids. We were expecting about ten or so,” he laughed. “It was awesome. The best part was seeing the kids very happy. That’s one thing because I know they don’t really get so many reasons to smile that much for so long. And seeing the kids loving capoeira as well because they really connected to it. Especially the little kids, like the three-year-olds.”

Augustin and his group also found two budding talents in the midst of the high-flying antics.

“There were two guys who really had us all in awe. Just their ability to absorb, they would just learn anything we tell them. They have no fear so they would just go ahead and do it. It’s crazy to see. So right away we figured that we have to take them in. We can’t let it (their talent) go to waste. Friday is going to be their first day. We’re going to go get them and see how it goes from there.”

The situation is even more gratifying for Augustin given the boys’ initial reluctance.

“They basically didn’t trust us because I guess they’re not used to total strangers being anywhere near interested in them,” he recalled. “So it took them a little while and then they slowly started to open up when they realized we really just wanted to teach them. They just listened to whatever we had to say and they did it.”

The experience is one Augustin hopes to build upon.

“Capoeira isn’t just about fighting and acrobatics. It’s also about being a family and caring for those you don’t even know like they are your own. This is capoeira. I hope to be able to collaborate with many so that we could help support the deprived kids and bring lasting smiles to their faces.”

Among the other attractions were a donut eating contest, sac race, dance-a-thon, and according to the Home’s assistant administrator, one activity which really caught their charges attention: horseback riding.

“They really enjoyed that,” she shared. “They really had fun.” The Home was thrilled with the outcome of the festivities, as it is something they strive to expose their residents to often.

“We go to the beach every month. We have birthday celebrations, beach parties and so on. We really have fun.”

And their message to the sponsors and volunteers was simple.

“Thank you very much. The children had lots of fun and God bless you.”

Capoeristas teaching some of the basics.

Capoeristas teaching some of the basics.

A couple of the little ones enjoying a horseback ride.

A couple of the little ones enjoying a horseback ride.



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