Like water off a duck’s back!

If only everything in life was this easy!

So I top up $20, ‘X’ amount goes to taxes, two calls later and its gone, like really though? Okay, now that I got that pressing issue outta the way I got one question and one question only. Why on earth is everyone so angry nowadays? Where is all this negative, seemingly suppressed energy coming from? As annoying as it is, I know this isn’t all about fleeting phone credit!

Things are tough and VAT is the word off everyone’s lips, but seriously… it really isn’t the end of the world. I mean sure we’d all love to be paid more and we’d appreciate if three items at the supermarket didn’t come to $50, but we’re alive and kicking in this tropical paradise of ours, aren’t’ we? Forgive me if I sound sarcastic, but honestly the pent up frustration doesn’t only affect the one’s who’re walking around with the world on their shoulders, it’s as contagious as the BBM epidemic.

If I come to work all cherry, with sour faces staring me down it’s only a matter of time before someone gets snapped at. It’s not a great feeling going from 100 to zero all because the people you’re forced to interact with can’t seem to stay on the positive side of things.

With everything going on in the world today, it’s hardly surprising we’re not always necessarily in the best of spirits, but really though, I’m starting to feel like some people just need to get more sleep! Seriously. It works wonders. Think about how much happier you’re going to make the rest of us when you’re not your usual cranky self.

Case in point: Over the weekend I went on one of those coastal limes to the south with friends who were out to unwind after piling on the hours during the workweek. Everyone was getting along just fine, things were moving along smoothly when all of a sudden this dude shows up with his girl. Everyone exchanges greetings because he’s part of the crew, but the girl he comes with goes straight to the bar and sits down without saying a word. At that point we’re all enjoying each others’ company so we let it go, but I can’t even begin to say how difficult it is not to acknowledge a sour puss in your company!

Chick sits there screw faced the entire time and at one point when one of her guy’s friends asks her for the second time of the day whether she’s alright or needs anything responds rudely: “Why you keep asking me that? I don’t understand why you keep talking to me you’ve already asked me that!”

Needless to say more than a couple jaws dropped, then another girl seated next to her responds, “Obviously he’s just trying to make sure you’re comfortable since you look so damn uptight!”

The joke was on her after that, but she definitely asked for it. I can’t imagine why anyone would find it so hard to at least be not even cordial, just somewhat pleasant in the company of people they’ve just met. I immediately found myself putting myself in her shoes, being around my man’s friends perhaps for the first time. Ain’t no way on this earth I would leave that place without all his friends liking me more than they do him!

Why is it so hard for people to get involved with the present and transition out of their self-absorbed bubbles? After that even her man left her alone, she spent the rest of the day sitting on a table by herself, fiddling with her phone while everyone else present openly made fun of her behaviour. It really wasn’t that anyone was being mean but she’d certainly made herself an easy target!

I couldn’t help but think how easily everything could have been avoided. I took into consideration that perhaps she was in a bad mood, or really didn’t want to be in that place on that particular occasion with people she didn’t know. Even if that were the case, I’m a firm believer in making the best of any situation. There really is no reason to stay in a constant state of frustration, stressing yourself out for whatever reason, when it’s much easier to let everything slide… like water off a duck’s back!

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