Must we all be Twilight Zone onanists?

Are we all just too stupid for words? Have we all gone bonkers? If we are simply retarded, then maybe there’s still a chance reality will hit us in the face and teach us something down the road, hopefully before it is too late.
If on the other hand we’re all mad, well, consider the following by Norman Mailer. It is taken from his book entitled Some Honorable Men, wherein the author reports on political conventions in America, from 1960 to 1972:
“A nation that forms detailed opinions on the basis of detailed fact that is askew from the subtle reality becomes a nation of citizens whose psyches are skewered, item by detailed item, away from any reality.”
In simpler language, a nation that makes its important determinations based on received misinformation and voodoo will sooner than later find itself disconnected from reality as the rest of the world know it. So, now, Saint Lucia, I ask again: Are we simply uninformed? Or are we a nation out of its freakin’ gourd?
Consider these numbing statistics: 14 million Americans are currently unemployed, without food stamps 46 million are unable to feed themselves and their dependents.  Then there are the 1.12 million households that have been lost to the recession. I should remind you that we’re talking here about the richest country in the world; God’s country!
In the UK, 2.57 million people are out of work. Meanwhile, around the world 75.1 million young people are unemployed.  A dismal tale.
So, then, how to explain the fact that while every other country is crying about the consequences of a recession that seems never ending, we on this Rock of Sages are drunk and dancing in the street in our separating red, yellow and green tee shirts, carrying on as if we knew something that has escaped the rest of the world.
Our so-called leaders have no idea how to retain the few jobs we have left, but for sure they want us to believe they know how to create new ones. Their new mantra is “jobs, jobs, jobs, for all!” Where will these jobs come from? Most of us are too delirious or drunk on self-delusion to realize the campaigners are referring to tax-funded jobs for themselves and their boys!
In any event, Ausbert, King & Anthony (AKA) are hell-bent on convincing us that they know what Obama doesn’t know; what the British prime minister doesn’t know; what their Greek, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese counterparts don’t know.
By all AKA have been telling us these past several weeks—without the smallest fear of contradiction or shame—Saint Lucia has more resources in reserve than do America and the UK and those other countries whose streets, once reportedly paved in gold, are now overflowing with desperate and protesting citizens. And yes, we actually swallow what our leaders serve us!
Why else would we be prancing zombie style in the streets? Obviously we are celebrating the genius of our leaders—whose policies over the years have rendered us one of the poorest of third-world basket cases—and who clearly consider themselves smarter than Obama and the other world leaders combined, with all their resources and financial advisors.
Is nobody embarrassed by any of this? Or is there a reality here that escapes dumb asses such as I? As if to make matters worse, some of us have now taken to public masturbation in their own exclusive Twilight Zone. We now have barefaced and shameless politicians setting up their own paid-TV programs so that their UFOs and other similarly deluded non-thinkers can call in with their predictable verbal full tosses.
These same people have described some of us as media terrorists and hostile, and refuse to talk to us, on the basis that their policy is to communicate only with people unlikely to pose inconvenient questions of accountability—such as our red-shirted Twilight Zone residents.
But then why shouldn’t I be hostile to arrogant public officials who refuse to account for their own stewardship and would prefer me to ask someone else to account for their stewardship? I say, speak for yourself.
Just recently I heard some pundit advising that Barbados could do very well for its people if their government should decide to explore for oil under its seabed. So could we, I imagine, if only we
had a seabed. Someone should ask Kenny Anthony what he proposes to do about Grynberg should he win the next elections? But don’t expect that question to come from the colored zones.
As for the current king of Yellowland, maybe I’ll get my chance soon to ask him what he plans to do about the thousands of young people with nothing to do but who will sooner or later find something devilish to do with their idle hands.
I also want to ask him, should he still be king come December, whether he intends to continue operating a public service as expensive as the one he now operates, and if not, what changes does he have in mind!
Kenny Anthony, too, should answer that question. But then, he’d probably say one thing now and change his mind once he gets back into office. He’s done that before, don’t you know. See why he considers me hostile? Which reminds me of something I came across the other day while browsing an article on lawyers: “If a lawyer is asking the court to rule someone is a hostile witness, it means the lawyer is probably in trouble.”
So go figure.
My questions and answers may not paint the fantasy Twilight Zoners get off on but that doesn’t mean I’m hostile toward anyone. Unless, of course, he or she happens to be a BSer hell-bent on pissing in my eye!

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