Not Much Love for Day of Love!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner our STAR team took to the streets to find out what the day of love really means for Saint Lucians. We met dozens of people, all with varying experiences to share, and, well, we’ll let you judge for yourself what the general consensus was on the international jour de l’amour!

I went to school in Antigua and I remember a week prior to Valentine’s Day we each had to write our name on a piece of paper and drop it into a hat. We would then dip to find out who our Valentine was destined to be! I thought of the perfect gift to give my Valentine: it was pricey but it was a big, square box filled with Ferrero Rocher chocolates and, back then, they were my absolute favourite. If you haven’t figured out the whole reason as to why I got the big box of chocolates for my Valentine, it’s because I wanted some as well! I eyed it all day just so that I could see when he would finally open it and offer me some. Well, let’s just say at that time I wish I had never gotten that as a gift for him as I got none. Ah well – Happy Valentine’s Day!   — Michele

Valentine’s Day is the day to spend money on a lady, that’s about all. Valentine’s is not for men, it’s for men to go out and buy the ladies roses. I guess when you’re younger it’s all for your loved ones but basically Valentine’s Day is all for the ladies. — Raymond

Valentine’s Day used to have meaning when I was in school because you’ll always have a little girl you’re friends with, but now nothing. And it’s more for Americans I think; it’s not as celebrated in England as it is in the States. It’s also commercial so Saint Lucians like it.   — Arlisa

I have a funny past memory of Valentine’s Day. There was a girl I liked for a very long time and I waited for this particular day to talk to her and buy her chocolates but when I asked her out she responded, “Oh no! I’m taken.” I didn’t even know what to say after that. — Junior

I don’t really participate in the buying and the gift-giving kind of thing but it’s still cool for those who like it. I don’t have any memories of Valentine’s Day, as I never really liked it so I never paid attention to it. — Jo

Valentine’s is the day where you should show love to others, not just romantic love but also familiar love, platonic love, love to your friends and family, to your neighbours. I have a funny and weird Valentine experience: back school I decided to do something unusual, so I wrote a poem about potatoes, and how they and love basically go hand in hand. I went around the school with my friends and we gave out potatoes with the poem; we started sharing the potato love around. It was actually kind of a hit because the next year people started doing it on their own. I’m not sure if people are still doing it. — Keshan

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