Oh, the secret pleasures of Constitution Park!

The first question that springs to the lubricious mind is: Who are these obviously over-heated ladies in red? Might they be clones of Da Jade on special assignment for the Red Zone queen? Members of a newly-formed religious order? While their, er, bootylicious pulchritudity may be enough to short-circuit the brains of your average Viagra addict, still the not so easily titillated might wish to know what it is about the framed picture in Constitution Park that this week had rendered the featured foursome so, shall we say, all hot and bothered. It’s not as if the source of their demonstrated excitement had been presented au naturel. After all, it’s not yet quite election time. And anyway, the more deprived (depraved?) know well where to go for nude (rude?) studies of the pictured Adonis. In all events, it’s an established fact that the female imagination is more elastic by far than that of the male. So there!—RW


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