Our Planet presents Film Festival

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”  —Native American Proverb

Environmental issues are at the forefront of high level conversations the world over. The effects of climate change are all around us and now more than ever we need to treasure the earth. You could say the earth is our mother as she provides us with the air we breath, the water we drink, the
food we eat, and here in St Lucia we are truly blessed with natural beauty in abundance from sandy beaches, secluded coves, wildlife and lush rainforest. It is very important we preserve it for future generations to enjoy it.
“OUR PLANET” is a non-profit organization situated in La Place Carenage, Castries, and they are on a mission to educate and enlighten the community so we can work together in preserving the earth. The organization has been open since May 2011 but despite being relatively new they are equipped with a good amount of supporters and investors who are all contributing their part to help.
OUR PLANET hosts daily tours of the interactive centre which has the latest technology with interactive games on huge touch screens, life size holograms, a theatre experience with laser show and special effects and a model earth installed by NASA which downloads data from NASA satellites every night. They are also working on a number of projects that allow the community the chance to help. Some of these are adopt an iguana and environmental clubs for school children.
The latest news is that from now until September they will be hosting a film festival. Each week OUR PLANET will be showcasing some amazing documentaries. OUR PLANET director Pablo Rosenthal believes it is very important to educate people about the environment as well as create an understanding and a love for our environment and the wildlife because we as human beings have a tendency to destroy what we fear or do not understand, without realizing
everything has a purpose
and a reason for existence. He hopes these documentaries will
help to educate and amaze people.
The first documentary “Broken Tail–The last days of a wild tiger” will be playing Friday 15th June at 6:30 pm and Saturday 16th June at 3:30pm. The documentary is about one of the world’s leading tiger cameramen traveling through India
on a personal pilgrimage, piecing together the extraordinary journey of Broken Tail, one of the planet’s most famous wild tigers.
Tickets for the movies can be purchased at the OUR PLANET facility at La Place Carenage or at Sunshine Bookstore outlets. Donations start at $15. All profits will go to support OUR PLANET’s environmental projects. One of these is a recycling programme to get rid of the amount of plastic bottles that litter the streets, the shorelines and the rivers of St Lucia.
The STAR will continue to provide information about the documentary film festival on a weekly basis.

Our Planet at La Place Carenage.

Broken Tail—the last days of a wild tiger will be one of the films shown.

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