Saint Lucian Author Arnold Henry Wins Virgin Radio Calgary’s $98k Dream Wedding

Engaged couple Stephanie and Arnold claiming their win of Virgin Radio Calgary’s $98,000 Dream Wedding.

Thirty-year-old Arnold Henry has been keen on following all his dreams and it seems like he is always successful with achieving them.

He grew up in the city of Castries, Saint Lucia with his small family. Like so many Saint Lucian childhood stories he suffered from typical Caribbean struggles such as an unstable family. As a form of escape, Arnold turned to basketball. Although he never got any proper training, presumably because of the lack of resources in Saint Lucia and within his family, he didn’t give up on his goal of some day becoming professional. 

Arnold’s perseverance paid off and he was the first Saint Lucian to be awarded a Division 1 Men’s College Basketball Scholarship. He played for the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I, which was the highlight of his basketball career. But unfortunate circumstances prevented young Arnold from continuing with his dreams. His younger brother Aloysius Henry is now pursuing it for them both, winning a basketball scholarship himself and making news headlines.

Arnold now lives in Alberta, Canada where he is a basketball coach at ABC Skills Development. He lives with fiancée Stephanie Beninger. The couple have an adorable son, who they are always including in their social media memories. (The cuteness overload must have gained him more views!)

Arnold moved on to publishing an autobiography Hanging On To My Dreams detailing his basketball years, and a sequel entitled Rebirth. As patriotic as they come, Arnold always emphasizes that he is a Saint Lucian writer.

Of course, no achievement could be of higher esteem in Arnold’s heart than having a beautiful family, but his biggest win and success happened on February 27, 2017. Virgin Radio Calgary tweeted the winner for its $98,000 Dream Wedding competition, and the couple most voted for was none other than Stephanie and Arnold.

The pair’s popularity and persistence was a force to be reckoned with for the other competitors. They made it to the top ten with an inspiring video of the memories of their engagement. After that a number of videos were posted for their campaign, which included the story of the birth of their son, a heart-wrenching miscarriage of their twin girls and some light-hearted moments in their relationship. Stephanie and Arnold were out not just to win votes but hearts too. Their community, family and friends, plus friends of all the aforementioned were diligent in voting for the couple.

Arnold’s mother and Stephanie have never met each other but, thanks to the recent win, they will finally be able to set the wheels in motion for this overdue occasion.

Arnold shared another video of him calling his mother to deliver the good news. Needless to say, she was ecstatic that her son is finally getting married, and even happier that she would finally be able to meet her future daughter-in-law and grandson. We can just imagine how excited the ladies must be to plan a wedding with such a huge budget! Winning this competition was a success for everyone involved. Congratulations Stephanie and Arnold!

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