SLASPA celebrates The Day of the Seafarer!

The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) through the Division of Maritime Affairs, via the offices of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is pleased to recognize the designation of “The Day of the Seafarer,” on the 25th June 2012. This occasion is a celebration of seafarers across the globe, and recognizes the invaluable contribution seafarers make to international trade and the world economy, often at great personal cost to themselves and their families
This year, the IMO’s emphasis will be placed on the positive influence seafarers have on the daily lives of ordinary people, through maritime transport. Some 90% of global trade is transported by sea at some stage during the journey from its place of origin to its final destination. The objective for the Day of the Seafarer is to help the general public to become aware of this and to thank seafarers for their contribution.
The Day of the Seafarer was first celebrated in 2011, following its establishment by a resolution adopted by the Conference of Parties to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), 1978, held in Manila, Philippines, in June 2010, which adopted major revisions to the STCW Convention and Code.
The Day of the Seafarer has now been included in the annual list of United Nations Observances. The Day provides an opportunity to pay tribute to the world’s 1.5 million seafarers for the unique and all-too-often overlooked contribution to the well-being of the general public.
The Maritime Division wishes to show respect, recognition and gratitude to seafarers everywhere for the vital role that they play in the world economy and, in many respects, in sustainable development, enabling ships to carry more than 90% of world trade safely, efficiently and with minimal impact on the environment.
The Day of the Seafarer is also an opportunity to educate the public about issues facing the modern-day seafarer.  Consequently, the maritime division is pleased to continue hosting the annual Boating Safety Awareness workshops; which can be linked to a dramatic decrease in Search and Rescue cases. There is an ongoing co-ordination and implementation of the Boatmasters/Coxswain program in conformity with acceptable regional standards to improve professionalism within the maritime sector. The seafarers’ needs have been further addressed with the introduction of seafarer’s discharge books to facilitate employment and national identification onboard ships. Finally, seafarers can look forward to the introduction of Basic Crew training for national purposes and the Standard Training for Watch Keeping Standards (STCW) for international voyages.
SLASPA and the Division of Maritime Affairs take the opportunity on this important occasion for us, to say “Thank you, seafarers.”

Alexander, Director of Maritime Affairs.

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