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Graduate of Leon Hess Comprehensive and Youth Talk leader: Linus Constantine

Graduate of Leon Hess Comprehensive and Youth Talk leader:
Linus Constantine

There has been no good word concerning the whereabouts of 19-year-old Linus Constantine. He disappeared soon after celebrating his birthday on March 24.Though the police have refused to connect the missing man with the unidentified corpse discovered on April 15 at Marisule, there is widespread speculation it was Constantine, whose parents have supplied the police with DNA samples.

Earlier this week the STAR spoke to Mindy Chiquot, brother of the missing man. It was Chiquot who had first reported Constantine missing two weeks ago, via social media.

“We last spoke on April 8th he said, when he told us what he wanted for his birthday. We made arrangements to meet but he never showed up. When I had not heard from him for four days I tried calling him. I got his voice mail and thought he was either busy or had changed his number. He did that quite often.” A few days later she learned his cousin had reported Constantine missing.

“Since then family, friends and the various youth groups and organizations Linus Constantine served on have been frantically spreading the word about his disappearance. The fact that he had more than one place of residence delayed a search.

“Asked whether she knew of any trouble he was in, Mindy Chiquot responded in the negative. Although unemployed, Linus Constantine was always able to get by, she said. He had recently been accepted to pursue studies overseas.

“Linus and I have gotten very close over the last five years,” she added. “He is actively involved in a lot of youth groups across the island and he has a passion for helping others, particularly the youth. He believed you have to help others and give back if you want your country to move forward.”

While she acknowledges a possible link with the body found at Marisule and her missing brother Chiquot has not given up hope of finding him alive.

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