The People’s Choice for Person of the Year!

The People’s Choice for Person of the Year!

The STAR’s Review of 2013 will be published in our Saturday, January 18th issue, and discussions are underway among the team as to who will be the STAR Person of the Year.
We want to hear from STAR readers too, so vote for your Person of the Year and we’ll reveal the results on Jan 18th.
If your choice is not on the STAR poll, feel free to make your suggestion in the comments below.


Share your feedback with us.

34 Responses to The People’s Choice for Person of the Year!

  1. Jane Du Boulay says:

    Allen Chastanet to make needed changes in our country

  2. Definately Rick Wayne, for his openness, and competence in bringing out the best of St.Lucian Media ! Secondly, Mr. Earl Bousquet for St. Lucian Diplomacy approach to the World, Third, Mr Gaspard Henry for his continueous belief,and dedication in feeding the Poo ! so Let us see !

  3. I nominate and vote for Chef Orlando of Soufriere, he has opened his own restaurant and employs only local staff, buys only local produce . Perhaps more importantly is the time he gives to mentoring aspiring young chefs, he does not refuse a request from a school to address the students or judge their cooking competitions .and actively supports local charities such as the VFort Children’s Society.
    He involves the local community by organising events such as Fun Walks . He has worked with Bordelais Correctional facility to get help to update their kitchens and has donated a lot of his time, energy and resources to this project.
    He has also demonstrated his love for this country by…

  4. Reanna says:

    I vote for Allen Chastenet

  5. Ulelli Verbeke says:

    I vote for Kenita Placid

  6. DAvid says:

    For Allen Chastanet…The biggest political ASSet since ‘Dr’ Francois

  7. Suzanne says:

    dawn French…for not informing St. Lucians about the trough, when any one with a computer could have clearly seen this weather pattern on

  8. Derek chiong says:

    Kenita placide

  9. Julia Applegate says:

    I vote for Kenita.

  10. fred monroe says:

    my vote is for Kenita Placide

  11. luis arroyo says:

    I vote for kenita placid.

  12. Sean Macleish says:

    The “implication” or “interpretation” of Kenita being named person of the year is that human rights are granted to us all at birth and it’s oppressive and fascist for government to deny these rights. I am proud of Kenita of having the courage and strength to know who she is, in the face of the adversities of growing up in St. Lucia as same gender loving.

  13. Simone Lawrence says:

    I vote got Kenita Placide. Equality for all!

  14. Rogers Glace says:

    If Kenita wins it’s the voice of the silent majority that’s not represented by any other person or political , media or religious group in our society. Ignoring one spectrum of society creates disillusion and the problems continues to manifest. United and Strong is a body seeking to create an awareness within our society not a political movement , not for fame or cash . It’s a body that will standup for the rights of individuals that make up our community. Speaking up does not categories you , but ignorance exposes the ills of a nation.

  15. CM says:

    Kenita Placid

  16. Suncha says:

    I vote for Kenita Placid

  17. SheRoxLox (@sheroxlox) says:

    Kenita Placide

  18. Alicia says:

    Gaspard Henry

  19. Marie says:

    My vote is for Gaspard Henry. He is a man of the people, for the people.

  20. Claudine Leonard-Gilbert says:

    My vote is for Allen Chastanet for Man of the year

  21. mfelix says:

    I vote for Gaspard Henry

  22. Amatus Edwards says:

    What would be the implication for, or interpretation of, Kenita Placide winning that poll? Just asking!

    • charles says:

      You should ask the star that question for all the persons in the race

    • 1000 Words Media says:

      I hope it would be an indication to the wider community that she is not alone in the causes for which she advocates.

  23. beedie baba says:

    I meant to say Mugabe for person of the year. He is responsible for all the fun we are having in paradise.

  24. beedie baba says:

    I vote for Ti Bolom

  25. Justice says:

    Mary Francis. In the end all her calls for inquests the authorities are having to honour one by one

  26. TomTom says:

    Dawn French ‘dropping the ball’ affected the lives of more St.Lucians and visitors than the actions of any of the above listed characters. So, for Better or Worse, Dawn French should be the Person of 2013.

  27. Levar says:

    Kenita placide

  28. Naome Ruzindana says:

    I vote for Kenita Placid

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