This golfer is a master teacher

The accolades keeping coming for golf pro Peter Trevor David of the St Lucia Golf and Country Club.

Remember the name Peter Trevor David. For starters he is the Assistant Pro at the St Lucia Golf and Country Club at Cap Estate. That’s just the tip of the iceberg folks. Having passed a recent course he is among an elite group of teaching professionals in the Caribbean.
David who has been a professional golfer since 1986 and has travelled throughout the world. During that time he met a number of individuals in golf who in one
way or another contributed to his success in the sport.
This golfer was never totally satisfied being a player. What he really wants to do is excel in another aspect of the game which may not be as profitable, but certainly richly rewarding in its own way.
Having already obtained his Level III with the United States Teachers Federation, David set his sights on the highest level when it comes to teaching the game—a Master Level IIII Degree. Earning that qualification would put David on the right path to certify Caribbean golf professionals right here instead of them going to the United States. Naturally for that to happen he would need the blessing of the World Golf Teachers Federation—but first things first.
Getting acceptance into the Masters Level IIII degree program in Orlando, Florida was a very expensive proposition. David also had to write a thesis entitled “The Mind Game” which was submitted to the President of the US Golf Federation
who is also President of World Golf Teachers Federation.
When he was accepted for the course money matters threatened to derail his plans. There were offers of sponsorship but in the end when nothing materialized, David applied for and received a loan from Scotiabank.
David who has supreme confidence in himself and ability as a golf pro obtained his Master Level IIII degree after completing a rather extensive course which involved teaching all aspects of the game to any player from beginner to professional.
The course also explored the mental aspect of the game which David feels can be the difference in a player winning or losing.
“When it comes to golf or for that matter any sport focusing is the key to success,” said this golf pro. “The main reason sports people fail is because they tend to concentrate more on outcome and forget the present while playing.”
As the conversation continued I realized this golf pro was well versed in sports psychology. With that in mind I could not help but ask the question “what’s wrong with Tiger Woods and will he ever regain his winning form?”
David told me: “The problem with Tiger Woods is his mental game. He’s lost focus and confidence in himself and feels his technique and approach to the game is not where it should be.”
When asked if Tiger can ever be the player he was David replied: “I think so. He just needs to work on his mental state and in the future will get better.”
And what about David’s own future when it comes to golf in the Caribbean? This guy has big plans. Having received his Masters Level IIII degree, David has been offered the position of President of Eastern Caribbean Teachers Federation. If all goes according to plan, St Lucia would be the home base for the federation which is
under the umbrella of the World Golf Teachers Federation.
What that means is players will have another destination to go to for certification at various levels in golf. It can only further enhance St Lucia’s reputation in the sport. Keep in mind this island is also the home of the International PGA Headquarters.

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