Twenty-four-year-old launches Jen Moun youth magazine

A young new publisher is promising that his new St Lucian youth magazine is going to go regional even in the midst of economic crisis.
Alberton Richelieu, Jr is best known as a national tennis player and an up and coming businessman. But this week, Richelieu will make his debut as a publisher when his first magazine JEN MOUN Youth Magazine is launched at the Palm Haven Hotel in Rodney Bay this coming Saturday.
“I’ve had this vision for a long time,” said Richelieu. “I wanted a magazine that would portray the positive things that young people are involved in and encourage them to aspire to higher heights. As a young tennis player, I always noticed the difference between the way major sports countries treated their athletes and the way smaller countries did. When you encourage people to succeed and you reward them for excellence, you breed success. But sometimes in the Caribbean, we spend too much time blaming the youth.”
While most youth magazines focus heavily on entertainment and fashion, JEN MOUN Youth Magazine intends to tackle a wider variety of subject matter. The first issue alone contains features on bad boys who cleaned up their block, a history of condoms, a controversial story on reasons to decriminalize ganja and a special section on St Lucia’s Most Wanted Youth amongst other things. The publisher promised there will be a strong emphasis on sports in the magazine and a consistent spotlight on ways to help young people start successful businesses.
 The magazine has been in the making for a few months and is scheduled to be published bi-monthly, although Richelieu says that the demands of advertisers are creating pressure to publish more frequently.
JEN MOUN Youth Magazine also promises to be different than other youth oriented media because its young audience will quickly become its principal writers, photographers, sales people and graphic designers.
Richelieu said, “If you are a young person and you have drive and you can write or you’re good with a camera or you’re good at selling things or good on the computer, JEN MOUN wants you to work on a freelance basis for us. We know that young people are always told they have no experience. Well, we’ll give you some experience. We’re not just talking the talk. We’re walking the walk.”

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