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Gibson Charles is the proud product of the Bocage Secondary and the Gama Learning Institute, where he earned a certificate for data operations. The last of a brood of five, he grew up in Gros Islet, when it was still a sleepy fishing village. Just over five years ago he took the plunge into modeling, at a time when to step on a runway was equal to standing in William Peter Boulevard while holding up a neon-lit sign that declared you a wimp and a sissy (yeah, like Tyrese and Beckham!).

As anyone knows who has had the pleasure of meeting Gibson, he is no’sbody pushover. Taciturn, yes. Quick to break into a smile, yes. Gregarious, yes. But don’t mess with the man. In a flash he can turn from quiet and accommodating into a no-nonsense demander of respect. Take another look at the man and decide whether you want to test his mettle. He’s quite willing to leave the ignorant to their revealing phobias, on condition they keep their mindless prejudices to themselves and let him be whoever or whatever he chooses—and when. Confidence should be his middle name.


A Hot Couture fixture, Gibson has the chameleonic ability to project precisely what photographers and designers want him to. For his latest 2Nite session he showed up with a new look that took our lensman altogether off guard. No surprise that his services are in such demand.

Famously easy to work with, Gibson has decorated nearly every quality show staged here with his over six feet of churning hunkiness. He was the arresting face of Hot Couture 2014, has appeared in two episodes of the popular TV series Untold Stories, to say nothing of TV commercials. Naturally, his services are always in demand by carnival bands wishing to show off their costumes to best advantage before the press.


In 2010 he strolled  away with the Mr. London Elite award. If you push him hard enough he’ll tell you about his love for poetry and football, Manchester United in particular.

Not so long ago he had the honor to do a special photo shoot for Hugo Boss. Yes, you read that right. As for that amazing physique, it is indisputable proof that its owner is as disciplined about his workouts and what he puts into his body as he is about his various professional undertakings. Hive fives to Gibson Charles!


‘Discipline is everything . . .’

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