Where Have All The Facebucks Gone?


Istill don’t get how fake news could have proved so effective that it’s being credited with placing Donald Trump in the White House. Suddenly the idea that this is knowledge generation with access to whatever it needs to know at the touch of a computer key sounds ridiculous. Even if the suggestion is true, how come today’s generation seems incapable of discerning truth from lies and other stories made up just for kicks. Is it that we know truth from reality but don’t care? Or have we lost interest in reality, except perhaps for the invented reality of Reality TV? The fact is we choose to believe what we want to be true. Just check the shared Internet posts by the UWP and Labour Party. Bull masquerading as sheep. All that goes on there is reinforcement of nonsensical notions. And the hell with checking for validity!

At least the kids will listen from time to time. Let’s hope they don’t get a Facebook account anytime soon.

At least the kids will listen from time to time. Let’s hope they don’t get a Facebook account anytime soon.

Just like Thursday night. Now if you missed the PM’s sit down with Rick Wayne, let me tell you dearie, you missed something historic. Don’t take my word for it though; it’s on DBS again on Sunday midday. Prove it for yourself. How many politicians you know who will field questions, live, unscripted and unannounced? I caught a bit of this week’s TALK. But what I later saw on Facebook shocked me. Questions and answers don’t matter here. Only holding up your side does, regardless of how absurd. Talk about separatist behavior! I mean hours before the show started, the PM’s appearance was announced. And immediately the red soldiers started posting that they would not be watching or listening to what would be said about what they consider “the biggest project in the history of Saint Lucia.” Like, really? Why would any true Looshan not want to hear? Why decide in advance that what the prime minister might say would not interest you? Here was the perfect opportunity to hear from the main man himself the answers to all your DSH questions. The responses to de partee’s speculations. But no, you eh want to hear none of dat. Nice. Patriotic, even.

Better to tune in to Donald Trump. Now there are those with the obvious fake profiles who constantly push fake news, while laying claim to knowing all of the answers, having seen all the files. Yet they chicken out before the opportunity to prove how knowledgeable they truly are. Could a lack of gonads have anything to do with that? Anyways, I guess so it go sometimes. As my granny likes to say: “Fooley man stay fooley to continue to mek he money.” Adios! Until next time.

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    What it seems is requiered of the p.m. is that he lets the project go elsewhere. Chastanet should call Ralph Gonzalves next door and offering the project to him. He should help the investors move the project to St. Vincent. He should abondon all projects. In fact, the pm and his party should give up power and hand it over to Hillaire and his PR unstable lady (wink). Hillaire then would go on to appoint Juffali’s daughter as ambassador to the ILO and then continue increasing the size of the public sector, creating public projects which cannot pay for themselves, increasing the size of Step and nice and chasing investors away. Seriously, thats what Chas should do. He should also move to Ireland. The people of SLAPS can also take over most of the runnings of government. We can also Make Claudius Francis the third most powerful person in the country.

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