Who says you can’t judge books by their covers?


Photography: RICK WAYNE

“I’m sexy and everybody knows it!”

She starts out singing the blues. But she’s not alone.  Nearly everyone you encounter these days has a sob
story about the state of things. So when Gillen revealed her self-unemployed status during her 2Nite shoot, all aboard commiserated.

On the other hand, it wasn’t as if she dwelled on the bad news. Something about being 22 years young permits you to see light at the end of the darkest tunnel.

“I have a passion for modeling and promotion,” she went on. “And I’m good at selling, which I did for four years or so. I really enjoy promotions.”
It came as no great surprise that the people she meets on the job consider her especially interesting.

“I’m out-going and very real. I am what you see but might not get. And I treat people as I’d like them to treat me.”

We couldn’t resist returning to her love of promotion campaigns: “I love them for the opportunities they provide to meet all kinds of folks. And of course the money comes in handy. Then there is the fact that it helps build one’s self-confidence.”

What makes her feel sexy? She laughed out loud: “Take a good look at me . . .” And then she sings, with a wiggle in her voice: “I’m sexy and everybody knows it!”

We got the point but there was more. “Remember,” she added, “nothing beats self-confidence when it comes to projecting sexy!”

With so much going for her, we couldn’t help wondering what was the most amazing thing she’d ever done. She answered quickly: “Falling in love with another woman!” If that public declaration says nothing else, it certainly hints at the lady’s self-confidence!

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