Williams hands rapist 38-year sentence!

Justice Lorraine Williams: No stranger to the plight of women since her stint as St Lucia’s  Attorney General and Minister of Gender Affairs.

Justice Lorraine Williams: No stranger to the plight of women since her stint as St Lucia’s Attorney General and Minister of Gender Affairs.

Savage and barbaric. Those were the words used by Nevis trial judge, Justice Lorraine Williams, to describe Alistair Isaac, as she meted out a 38-year sentence for his crimes of rape and robbery. Isaac has been categorized as a career criminal. In addition to Justice Williams’ sentence of thirty years for rape and eight for robbery, he will also be serving 12 years for wounding and attacking another female.

During his May 2 sentencing, Isaac made a last-ditch attempt to save himself, maintaining his innocence and begging for mercy.

“I am ashamed here today standing before you for such a heinous charge,” he said. “I want to say how sorry I am to the virtual complainant. I do not think within myself that any female should have gone through what [the victim] has been through. I am aware that I was found guilty of both crimes and I am absolutely sure that I know nothing about the crime, but because of circumstances I’m found guilty.”

Apathetic to his pleas, Williams went down the laundry list of Isaac’s transgressions: “You scaled the balcony, executed the attack, used a weapon, demanded money, intimidated with a knife, and assaulted without a condom; by extension you assaulted her husband.”

Urging him to “get counseling and become a useful member of society,” the judge then sent him away. Director of Public Prosecutions Travers Sinanan commended her for essentially throwing the book at Isaac. He sees it as warning shot fired at potential sex offenders.

“It’s heartening to see the judge deliver a sentence so robust that it sends a message to all would-be sex offenders and all who have committed offences,” he said.

“It is heartening that this judge imposed a sentence of 38 years consecutive to the sentence that the offender is now serving of 12 years.”

Williams is no stranger to the plight of women. She is a former Attorney General and Minister of Gender Affairs in Saint Lucia. Williams also served as President of Saint Lucia’s Bar Association. She served a stint as Assistant Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome.

Nearly six months ago she returned home to St Lucia but was quickly snapped up to serve as a trial judge in St Kitts and Nevis.

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3 Responses to Williams hands rapist 38-year sentence!

  1. LuciaBoy says:

    Great job Justice Lorainne Williams. This is the only way to deal with such depraved members of our society. Isolate them from the society so that they cannot sodomize and wantonly savage the hard working, law abiding members of our society. I pray he get the counselling you recommend in addition to 10 lashes of the cat-o-nine tails. That should help even more.
    Having said that I cannot fathom how we in Saint Lucia let so much of our much needed talent slip through our hands. I’ve always admired Ms Williams not only because she’s easy on the eyes but for her moral courage, her strong convictions, her being principled, and her intellect. (rare combination of brains, beauty, and virtue)…

  2. ……and ?? I don’t see the big deal here. She did what any reasonable, defensible, justified Justice would have done. I am sure any sitting magistrate presently in St Lucia would have done the same or close to it.

  3. We need her in stlucia …….I bet you there will be more rape victims but the animals will start to think twice…..we need 38 years for invest ,spouse abuse and gun crimes….

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