Young Mecca is Alien

”]On Saturday June 11th St Lucian Hip-Hop/Pop recording artist and songwriter, Young Mecca, delivered his latest offering; “Alienated [The Mixtape]” to the world. “Alienated” is a 23 track embodiment of Hip-Hop, Pop and cross genre songs with lyrical themes ranging from introspective and personal to party and sensual.
“I called the mixtape “Alienated” because that’s how I feel,” says Mecca. “My music is different, my style is different, and this has put me in a world where I reside all alone. My producer, Dupes, is the only one who knows the direction to this place. That’s why he has done majority of the production on there.”
Songs like “Where I Belong” and “Walk On Water” show a sensitive Young Mecca. Listeners will find the artist questioning himself, his friends and the world at large in his fight against loneliness and depression.  On “I’ll Cry” alongside Dupes, he lets his emotions flood out over the passing of his grandfather who was a major part of his life.
“I’m just letting him know,” Mecca states, “That I know I’ll be ok but I don’t want to be. I’ll keep crying through my pen ‘til I hear him laugh again. Everyone who’s ever lost someone dear to them would understand.”
While harboring those feelings of alienation, Young Mecca lets listeners know how powerful he feels on “New Regime” which features Bermudian artist Kombat.  Lines like “my world is different, I move through walls” and “I’m so high science I’m my own religion” clearly illustrates Mecca’s state of mind right before unleashing his leviathan of frustration on “Sex, Cars, Clothes, Drugs.”
Young Mecca is an amalgamation of party, emotional and hustle
music and he doesn’t fail to express his diversity with tracks like “Get Paid”, That’s That Life” featuring long time friend Shepp Dawg, and “Make This Money” which casts a nuclear powered lineup of Dupes, Hoodhefna and Kayo.
Amidst the feelings of alienation, depression and frustration Young Mecca still finds the time to speak to the ladies, complimenting them on tracks like “Body Pop,” “Be On You,” “Shawty Turn Over,” and “Supa Dupa Model.”
“I couldn’t leave the ladies out,” Mecca says. “I had to give them something to feel sexy to for the summer.”
All in all, the mixtape is a great listen from beginning to end with entertaining interludes that add to the storyline. With hard hitting and fresh production from Sherwinn “Dupes” Brice and Tornel “T Money” Degazon, Young Mecca brings you music for the 21st
century, with the power to inspire as well as to get up and dance. Merging solid lyrical artistry with a deep well of emotion and hustle, Mecca has surfaced as an astounding musical force. His approach to music is enriched by third world culture combined with first world mentality.
Alienated [The Mixtape]  is a CD everyone should have blasting out their stereo systems. Visit for download details.

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