Media Matters ~ Last Chance for a Last Post!

With only one more weekend to go before Election Day, it is just a matter of time before all the wind blows and the dust finally settles. There is still one more week for the media here to continue to play whatever roles it has ascribed its many parts and tentacles. Writers and talkers will continue to wear their different hats of various colours. But in this final week, slips will continue to show, masks will continue to slip off faces and the partisan human being in each of us will quickly come forth, one way or another.

Some local media houses have totally dropped their guard. Articles from declared lifelong holders of long political axes to grind are being published with lines repeatedly describing the Prime Minister as everything from a liar and a thief, to saying he will even kill to win the next general election.


The press is awash with stories of the SLP leader being accused of recruiting occultism, witchcraft and voodoo in his party election armoury. But when the UWP leader appears in robes with candles it appears to be downplayed.

A soi disant analyst who once publicly begged, live on television, for an invitation from Robert Lewis to help him oppose Mary Isaac for the Castries South seat has, in his last four newspaper articles, strongly begged Saint Lucians to vote UWP and take a chance with Allen Chastanet as Prime Minister.

Political sleepers are finally waking-up (after four years) to make their faces seen and voices heard ahead of polling day. But between all the vibes, one can clearly detect a level of desperation that is more than simply absurd, bordering on literary or intellectual insanity in some cases.

Me? I continue to be my usual self – demanding respect of my right to be a citizen first and a writer after, to be able to say what I believe without it being measured by colours, to be fair while maintaining my position on anything – and to do all that just to be me.

I have my own wishes for what the results of the elections will be. I go into every battle confident of victory, or I will not fight. But I also know that an election isn’t won or lost until the last vote is counted, which is why I am never part of the counting process.

For those in a hurry to see the back of Kenny Anthony heading into the sunset of Saint Lucian politics, this is their very last chance. It is his last term.

Kenny knows exactly how he plans to ride out into his political sunset. He wants to go, leaving Saint Lucia in the best hands to continue what he started.

It is now for those already writing his political eulogy to also start penning theirs – just in case!

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One Response to Media Matters ~ Last Chance for a Last Post!

  1. mark laporte says:

    It is doubtful wehther he Pm would resort to The Spirits=vodu or gods to gain elections victory.Spirits are increasingly reluctan to entertain abuse of spiritual power.Not that many humans can even begin to use that power.The PM would be aware of that.Vodu or more significantly the Obeah is really not interested in human affairs EXCEPT where those human affairs TRY to impinge or interfere with the work of Vodu or the Obeah on the planet or elsewhere .It must be understood that with Obeah or vodu spirits it is simply not business as usual.
    Just for the record:anyone out there who believes that vodu is at their beck and call had better think again

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